Regularities of College

Every student must be follow :

  1. Without prior permission of principal, no one could absent in class.
  2. A student is strictly punishable if he/she misbehaved in college campus and/or premises.
  3. Every student must carry his/her own I-card.
  4. Read Day-to-Day notices displayed on notice board.
  5. Every fees receipt(s) could be maintained and saved as a record.
  6. College time – All three faculties’ conduct their classes from 7.00 am to onwards.
  7. Principal’s decision is final and bounded to the candidate.
  8. Nobody other than student can enter into college premises without prior permission of Principal.
  9. Without written permission of Principal, any student could not collect any donation from persons in college or outsiders.
  10. Ranging
  11. Without prior written permission of Principal, no one can arrange trip.
  12. Every student must take care of college property.  Responsible student(s) is punishable in case of any damage of college property.
  13. Help in keeping college premise clean.
  14. In college campus or in canteen, eating tobacco or gutakha, smoking is strictly prohibited.  It will be noted that action will be taken if any person violating this rule.